Common Characteristics of Practices Needing Our Help

Every doctor and practice faces unique challenges or has varying motivations for seeking help; however, we’ve noticed the following common characteristics. Any of these sound familiar?

  • The office manager is overwhelmed.
  • The practice has grown from a small, family-oriented office to a large, multi-office group.
  • Administrative matters are piling up and not being addressed.
  • “Seems like we should be making more money”
  • The office is chaotic.
  • Nobody takes the lead in pulling together all the different aspects of the practice.
  • The practice functions like several, independent practices under one roof instead of as a unified group.
  • “It seems like we have too many employees. Are they really needed?”
  • Staff meetings are not constructive and turn into gripe sessions.
  • Poor communication both within and between offices.
  • The EMR system is underutilized and the practice is struggling to get Medicare’s “meaningful use” money.
  • Doctor: “Why am I handling administrative duties? Shouldn’t I be focused on patients instead?”

Contact us if some of these characteristics pertain to you.

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