The Art of Medicine

Medical practices spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money on advertising each year (websites, Internet ads, newspaper ads, mailers, health fairs, etc.). The most effective advertising, however, is the interaction doctors have with patients in the exam room. The style in which doctors present medical care is just as important as the medical care itself. The article at the link below offers suggestions to improve interaction with patients (i.e., bedside manner). We encourage doctors to read this article, complete a self-evaluation, and try these suggestions. Ultimately, medical practices want patients to have a positive experience at their offices and then go tell their family, friends, neighbors, and even the doctors that referred them.

“Resolve to Improve Your Bedside Manner”

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    The science of medicine has wrought miracles in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. But the art of medicine remains the medium through which illness and suffering are relieved and becomes paramount when biomedicine runs its course and has little to offer the patient. By practicing the art of the consultation, you just might rediscover and nourish the altruistic motivations that called you to be a healer.

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